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Image result for Picture of BrazilIf travelling is your passion, Brazil is your destination. Its vibrant diversity seems to embody everything that is Latin America, offering a range of experiences, from the cultural and ecological to the adventurous. With its dazzling beaches, forest trails and lively cities, Brazil will put all your emotions to the test. To get the most out of your Brazilian adventure, call us today so we can tailor make the package to suit your exact tastes.

Rio De Janeiro

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Cidade Maravilhosa, the marvellous city, is how Rio de Janeiro is known locally. It’s easy to see why. Rio de Janeiro in our mind is the most beautiful city in the world and an essential part of any Brazil holiday. Standing on top of the city’s two iconic attractions, Corcovado and Sugar Loaf mountain, you will be sure to agree with us as the views on a clear day are nothing but spectacular. The glistening Guanabara Bay provides an outline to the city and its many beaches from the famous Copacabana and Ipanema to many lesser known beaches to the south of the city.

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Bahia is a beautiful state in Brazil. Situated on the coast, Bahia boasts the turquoise water of the Atlantic, as well as quiet, empty bays and a rich history. 

Bahia’s capital, Salvador, is often the city that steals the show due to its colonial vibe, cobbled streets, exciting festivals, impressive churches and remarkable 16th-century buildings.

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Fernando De Noronha
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Fernando de Noronha is a tropical island off the coast of Pernambuco in Brazil. This amazing island is home to some spectacular beaches. There are beautiful turquoise waters and tons of natural attractions. Fernando de Noronha stretches 11 square miles 

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Florianópolis, or 'Floripa' as it is affectionately known, is a city which straddles the mainland and the island of Santa Catarina.The city's colonial part has cobbled streets and colonial architecture as well as its its delicious local fruits and products.
However, the main reason to come here is the area's magnificent beaches which are easily accessible from the city centre.
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